Saturday, October 18, 2008


I spent alot of my time alone, and i still do... I think about so much things, some things i can share with you and others i just can't. I discovered throught my life that "Reality" is what i should search for... so i dedicated my life searching and travelling throught its different thoughts and views, but sometimes... i just couldn't controle my feelings, and i think about other stuff... after all there is a small human part inside me. I know that is not expected to be heard from me, but also beasts have feelings... they are just hidden deep deep inside.

Sometimes i would just try to dream, as any other creature on Earth or on any other planet. But for me there are two types of dreams, one of them is furbidden. The other is the reason keeping me alive and this is one of the things i can't share with you. The "forbidden" dreams are my simple personal ones, no i am not selfish if you're wondering, it's just there are some feelings left inside me, deep deep inside me and locked ...

To Be Continued (Ensha Allah)

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