Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My First Novel, "A Journey From Darkness To Light"

My First Novel, "A Journey from Darkness to Light"..
I started writing this book right after being enigmatically influenced by its idea, this was in the winter of 2006. I wrote the first edition which was about 58 pages, and was published in "Manshat El-Ma3aref" publishing house in Alexandria. It witnessed a Great success compared to the few target market and readers in Alexandria. It was a talent, and now it have become a profession. I re-wrote the book several times, and now it expanded into 6 chapters, and about 175 pages.

I wanted to share it with you, since people have been asking me to reveal the novel Edition, and since I am still searching for a suitable publisher who can expand it to a wider range of smart readers. On my Blog, you will find the first 40 pages of the original Book. I hope you enjoy every corner of it, and contact me...


"With the permanent memory of those who had passed this world, the young man was miraculously led by the universe to unite with his same kind... it was destiny which united him with a special place he used to go with his deceased father, with the nostalgia of all the pure childhood feelings, and his spirit seeking the real beauty, she was there... his true love… looking deep into his eyes, capturing the sundered pieces of his heart, and bringing him the keys to lots of buried secrets in that place of memories.

From between the internal psychology of a human being and the external life philosophy, the young man walked, upon a terrestrial Earth, and under the blessed Heavens... he wondered in a world full of scattered colors and directions, with a small walk in search of reality, and a few seconds of truthfulness... secrets had been revealed, and new paths were there, visible to his kind...

Lost between the lights and shadows, the young man kept struggling seeking reality in world full of illusions, seeking his lost innocence back… The more he learned about his internal self, the more he understood the movements of the universe around. Through his fierce life he found love, through its dullness he found guidance... and most of all, through his journey, light was born throughout the darkness of life…"

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